We are grateful to have received contributions from many authors (scvi-tools graph). We would also like to acknowledge the environment at the Yosef Lab at UC Berkeley, which has allowed us to advance this package.

Key contributors

Here we highlight some key contributors who helped craft this project into what it is today. Many have diverse contributions to the code. Here we highlight some specific projects.

☀ = maintainer

  • Romain Lopez: scVI lead, new API, ☀

  • Adam Gayoso: totalVI lead, LDVAE, new API, ☀

  • Pierre Boyeau: differential expression, ☀

  • Galen Xing: code infrastructure, new API, ☀

  • Jeffrey Regier: initial scVI package

  • Chenling Xu : scANVI

  • Valentine Svensson: LDVAE

  • Oscar Clivio : AutoZI

  • Achille Nazaret : gimVI, GeneExpressionDaktaset, < v0.7

  • Gabriel Misrachi : autotune, GeneExpressionDataset, < v0.7

  • Yining Liu : data loading, preprocessing, < v0.7

  • Jules Samaran : gimVI

  • Maxime Langevin : gimVI

  • Edouard Mehlman : code infrastructure < v0.7, scANVI

scvi-tools team pic

scvi-tools team members at ICML 2019, Long Beach, CA.