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import warnings
from typing import Optional, Union

import numpy as np
from anndata import AnnData
from pandas.api.types import CategoricalDtype

from import _make_column_categorical, _set_data_in_registry

from ._obs_field import CategoricalObsField

[docs]class LabelsWithUnlabeledObsField(CategoricalObsField): """ An AnnDataField for labels which include explicitly unlabeled cells. Remaps the unlabeled category to the final index if present in labels. The unlabeled category is a specific category name specified by the user. Parameters ---------- registry_key Key to register field under in data registry. obs_key Key to access the field in the AnnData obs mapping. If None, defaults to `registry_key`. unlabeled_category Value assigned to unlabeled cells. """ UNLABELED_CATEGORY = "unlabeled_category" def __init__( self, registry_key: str, obs_key: Optional[str], unlabeled_category: Union[str, int, float], ) -> None: super().__init__(registry_key, obs_key) self._unlabeled_category = unlabeled_category def _remap_unlabeled_to_final_category( self, adata: AnnData, mapping: np.ndarray ) -> dict: labels = self._get_original_column(adata) if self._unlabeled_category in labels: unlabeled_idx = np.where(mapping == self._unlabeled_category) unlabeled_idx = unlabeled_idx[0][0] # move unlabeled category to be the last position mapping[unlabeled_idx], mapping[-1] = mapping[-1], mapping[unlabeled_idx] # could be in mapping in transfer case elif self._unlabeled_category not in mapping: # just put as last category mapping = np.asarray(list(mapping) + [self._unlabeled_category]) cat_dtype = CategoricalDtype(categories=mapping, ordered=True) # rerun setup for the batch column mapping = _make_column_categorical( adata.obs, self._original_attr_key, self.attr_key, categorical_dtype=cat_dtype, ) return { self.CATEGORICAL_MAPPING_KEY: mapping, self.ORIGINAL_ATTR_KEY: self._original_attr_key, self.UNLABELED_CATEGORY: self._unlabeled_category, }
[docs] def register_field(self, adata: AnnData) -> dict: state_registry = super().register_field(adata) mapping = state_registry[self.CATEGORICAL_MAPPING_KEY] return self._remap_unlabeled_to_final_category(adata, mapping)
[docs] def transfer_field( self, state_registry: dict, adata_target: AnnData, allow_missing_labels: bool = False, **kwargs, ) -> dict: if ( allow_missing_labels and self._original_attr_key is not None and self._original_attr_key not in adata_target.obs ): # Fill in original .obs attribute with unlabeled_category values. warnings.warn( f"Missing labels key {self._original_attr_key}. Filling in with unlabeled category {self._unlabeled_category}." ) _set_data_in_registry( adata_target, self._unlabeled_category, self.attr_name, self._original_attr_key, ) # don't extend labels for query data ec = "extend_categories" if ec in kwargs: kwargs.pop(ec) transfer_state_registry = super().transfer_field( state_registry, adata_target, extend_categories=False, **kwargs ) mapping = transfer_state_registry[self.CATEGORICAL_MAPPING_KEY] return self._remap_unlabeled_to_final_category(adata_target, mapping)