GIMVI.get_imputed_values(adatas=None, deterministic=True, normalized=True, decode_mode=None, batch_size=128)[source]

Return imputed values for all genes for each dataset.

adatas : List[AnnData] | NoneOptional[List[AnnData]] (default: None)

List of adata seq and adata spatial

deterministic : boolbool (default: True)

If true, use the mean of the encoder instead of a Gaussian sample for the latent vector.

normalized : boolbool (default: True)

Return imputed normalized values or not.

decode_mode : int | NoneOptional[int] (default: None)

If a decode_mode is given, use the encoder specific to each dataset as usual but use the decoder of the dataset of id decode_mode to impute values.

batch_size : intint (default: 128)

Minibatch size for data loading into model.

Return type