TOTALVAE.get_sample_dispersion(x, y, batch_index=None, label=None, n_samples=1)[source]

Returns the tensors of dispersions for genes and proteins.

x : TensorTensor

tensor of values with shape (batch_size, n_input_genes)

y : TensorTensor

tensor of values with shape (batch_size, n_input_proteins)

batch_index : Tensor | NoneOptional[Tensor] (default: None)

array that indicates which batch the cells belong to with shape batch_size

label : Tensor | NoneOptional[Tensor] (default: None)

tensor of cell-types labels with shape (batch_size, n_labels)

n_samples : intint (default: 1)

number of samples

Return type

Tuple[Tensor, Tensor]Tuple[Tensor, Tensor]


type tensors of dispersions of the negative binomial distribution